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Independent organizations are contracted by BC Transit to provide transportation for anyone unable to use regular public transit. The cost of the service is similar to the regular fare structure in each community. Forty-eight hours notice is generally required and priority is given to those needing transportation for work, medical, or post-secondary educational purposes. A HandyPass, for use on the transit system in the Lower Mainland, is ordered through the BC Transit office and is available to people who are eligible or registered with handyDART. Check your telephone directory white pages under handyDART for the office in your community.

540-3400 (Vancouver)

SkyTrain, the rapid transit system serving the Lower Mainland, is accessible to those passengers with mobility impairments, including those in wheelchairs, with the exception of Granville Station, where stairs or an escalator are the only access in and out of the SkyTrain station. Taxi service can be booked from Granville Station to Burrard Station by calling Vancouver Taxi at 255-5111.

SkyTrain is also accessible to persons with visual or hearing impairments, using voice announcements of station stops, and large signs to indicate arrival at each station. For those people eligible for handyDART, BC Transit provides passengers with a concession fare if they have a HandyPass. This service is available through the BC Transit office.

The SeaBus is completely accessible. The walkways to the SeaBus terminal on either side of the inlet are stair-free, with an elevator or ramps available for use.

Taxi Saver Program
The Taxi Saver Program is designed to allow people with disabilities better opportunities for spontaneous travel. Taxi Savers are printed in denominations of $1, $2, and $5 by BC Transit. A book containing vouchers with a total value of $40 will be sold to eligible individuals for $20 by regional handyDART operators. Customers call the taxi company of their choice and book service directly. There is a limit of two books per month.

Any adult who has been issued a BC Transit HandyPass can buy and use Taxi Savers. HandyPass holders are entitled to concession fares on wheelchair-accessible buses (and other buses), SkyTrain and SeaBus. Registered handyDART users qualify for HandyPass. Customers requiring additional information can call 540-3400.

Bus Information Line
This information line provides scheduling and route information on all regular BC Transit lines in the Greater Vancouver area, including SkyTrain and SeaBus services.

521-0400 (Vancouver)